Minimize Your
401(k) Fees

Low Cost 401(k) Fiduciary

At Plan Strategies, Inc., we take fiduciary duty seriously – and that includes the duty to keep retirement plan costs reasonable for your employees. After all, having a 401(k) plan is about saving money for retirement, and fees shouldn’t get in the way of that.

What are You Losing in 401(k) Fees?

PSI: Your Low-Cost, High-Reward 401(k) Advisor

True Open Architecture 401(k) Advisor

PSI doesn’t have any proprietary products and our Investment Advisor Representatives aren’t affiliated with any investment sponsors or fund families. Because we aren’t incentivized to pick one fund over another,  we can construct a high-quality investment lineup using mutual funds and ETFs from any fund family with minimal impact on your 401(k) fees.

No Hidden 401(k) Fees

At PSI, we practice full fee transparency. We always disclose our low 401(k) fees up front so that you and your employees never feel like you’re in the dark.

Full Visibility into Investment Expenses

In addition to fully disclosing our low 401(k)advisory fees up front, we also prepare quarterly fund monitoring reports that give you full visibility into fund expenses. PSI always keeps 401(k) expenses reasonable to fulfill our fiduciary duty.

Access to Low-Cost Share Classes

PSI maintains access to 24,000 mutual funds, 470 fund families, and 1,000 Exchange Trade Funds, meaning we can pick a fund lineup spread across all asset classes, including low-cost share classes.